Pipe repair using packers

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Thanks to the development of pipe inspection services using television cameras years ago, we have been able to detect the exact cause and location of many anomalies that hinder the proper functioning of sanitary or stormwater networks. This technology allows us to pinpoint the specific problem for repair, which, in many cases, used to require the client to expose the affected pipe section, incurring significant financial costs and inconveniences for users. This was because it necessitated digging trenches in sidewalks, roadways, and even inside buildings.

With our pipe repair system using fiberglass packers and resins, we manage to reduce construction costs and minimize disruptions for users, neighbors, etc. This is because there is no need for trench digging, with all work being carried out exclusively from the inspection wells or manholes of the affected pipe section.

The process essentially involves lining the interior of the affected pipe area with a fiberglass-resin mesh, providing complete watertightness and mechanical reinforcement.

The most common anomalies we repair with this system include open pipe joints, fissures, cracks, certain breaks, or any other anomaly that has not caused an obstruction or collapse of the network.

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