Pipe inspection with automated camera in Málaga

Inspección de tuberías con cámara robotizada

With pipeline inspection system we see clearly inside pipes-channeling from 75 to 1,500 mm in diameter, through the introduction of robotic tv cameras.

There are various circumstances that require or advise the inspection of a pipeline:

  • When the same length of pipe obstructions occur frequently: there may be a fault in the network that promotes retention and accumulation of solid waste (broken pipe, general wear, deformation, hidden manholes, etc.).
  • When there are leaks or moisture problems in a home or properties, this may come from the sewage or storm drains (existence of open pipe joints, cracks, fractures, displaced tubes, etc.).
  • When verification is needed of the network connections (due to the existence of fecal in the storm drains).
  • When needing to see the route of a pipeline or network to perform any action.
  • Control of completion of works, in order to verify the correct installation of fecal networks and / or rain (connections, manholes, slope, etc.) before the handover of the work to the promoter or before receiving municipal networks that run along the road by the sanitation service of the municipalities.

In short, with this system we check the status of the network, detecting the existence of possible anomalies, as well as to pinpoint their location at the surface. This allows, when necessary, the repair of the network in areas or points, saving significant economic costs, time and even the inconvenience to users of the networks, houses or streets.

The inspection process ends with the delivery of the technical report to the customer (includes the development of the sections inspected graphically and photographically noting anomalies) and DVD recording.

Pepe Nuñez  began this service in 2005 and currently has 2 technical inspection teams guided by trained and specialized experienced in the different industrial cleaning services (unblocking and pipe cleaning, septic, sewage, etc.). This experience is essential in tackling the inspection process, saving time.

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