Hydrocarbons waste management

Gestión y retirada de hidrocarburos en Málaga

What is hydrocarbons waste management?

When we say hydrocarbon waste we mean hazardous waste. As we know, there are a number of regulations at national and regional (RD 833-88, RD 952-97, Law 22-2011, etc.) primarily aimed at minimizing the harmful effects to the environment and to define and regulate all aspects of this type of waste. Among these aspects there are established certain requirements and obligations to be fulfilled by any person or entity that generates some kind of waste considered hazardous to the environment (figure defined as hazardous waste producer), the most important being:

  • Opening statement of the residue from competent regional body.
  • Identification and proper storage of hazardous waste.
  • Removing the waste in period not exceeding six months, by an authorized agent for treatment-controlled disposal (in particular cases the Administration may authorize a longer period).
  • Annual statement of the hazardous waste managed.

Over 10 years ago we started the service hydrocarbon waste management to meet the needs expressed by many of our customers. To do this, we follow thenecesary steps (adequacy of facilities, acquisition of approved equipment, specific staff training, etc..) To be able to receive from the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía the authorization of hazardous waste manager (authorization no. AN -0086).

Residues we manage are of hydrocarbon source, which is normally stored in separators or decanters of hydrocarbon waste or oil residue, sandboxes or vehicle washing pits, tanks for diesel or gasoline, etc.

We work with specific routes or traveling to different provinces of Andalusia, being our main customer types: service stations and gas stationscar wash centersmechanicsmaintenance facilities with different vehicles or machinery, etc.

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