Scrapping and maintenance of sewers

Desatoros tore del Mar

Remember that, when we manage to fix pipeline problems with shredding services, with which we manage to keep their facilities in perfect condition, as recently released for a longer period of time, and consequently, it will take much longer to have to call us, never We will charge extra work not reflected in our budget.

In addition, our technicians specialized in scrapping will explain in detail how you can act to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Also, a truck cuba gets the elimination of any residue in cisterns, blind wells or cisterns.

Sewer maintenance in Torre del Mar and La Cala del Moral

We also offer sewer maintenance service. We apply maintenance in any of our services as long as the client requests it. We eliminate odors through the ozone technique. We advise you to have our services that have multiple advantages that will improve your quality of life, in the maintenance of your own facilities and in the optimal conservation of the rest of the furniture in our home.

Our technicians will help you in case of flooding in garages, commercial premises, communities and private houses. We take care of pumping the water and direct it to the interior of the cistern of a truck. Our operators manage the waste for you, depositing them in the appropriate place for it. On the other hand, we also advise you to install quality pipes related to high quality scraps, in case you have to call us for drains and need a new one.

For us, dealing with the customer is fundamental, always offering seriousness, formality and adjusted prices. Our staff is highly qualified and has the necessary experience to solve any incident in your sanitation network, whether they are leaks, traffic jams, etc. The work system that our professional technicians carry out has been systematized to avoid damage to the furniture of our customers and thus avoid possible costs and secondary damages, which are really annoying and more expensive for our customers.

What happens when the rains arrive in Málaga?

In the buildings all kinds of waste accumulate and when the rains arrive, the pipes can not fulfill their function.

These clogs can cause breakages in the pipes, so that water seeps through the walls of the building. Therefore we recommend that you keep your drains and general ducts clean. These special faults are solved with extreme care and our technicians are aware of the delicacy of the problem. For this reason, all our workers have attended courses where technical and specialized safety classes have been taught.

They have the necessary experience, training and tools to eliminate any dirt, checking the condition of all the ducts in their commercial premises.

When you notice that the drains are beginning to smell, call a professional expert in scrapping, who will solve the problem before it becomes a serious fault.

The highly specialized professionals, qualified to fix this type of incident as efficiently and quickly as any other, will work to minimize the possible damage of the fault.

If you need a restoring service in La Cala del Moral or Torre del Mar, do not hesitate to contact us.

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