Pipe repair without digging: What does it involve?

Rehabilitación de tuberías mediante manga

With over 40 years of experience, at Pepe Núñez we understand how important it is for our clients to have an effective service that doesn’t require large infrastructures or a high investment. That’s why the no-dig pipe repair service is as interesting as it is appealing.

What is no-dig pipe rehabilitation?

Traditionally, no-dig pipe rehabilitation was hardly considered. If there was an unspecified problem in the pipes affecting the operation of sanitation or stormwater networks, it often required digging trenches, exposing the affected pipe section, and disrupting sidewalks, traffic lanes, or even acting within homes.

This type of work is not only a hassle for both clients and neighbors in the area but also carries high economic costs, especially when compared to no-dig pipe repairs.

This alternative involves the use of different repair systems that we can apply to the affected pipe section without having to operate on the rest of the network, offering practical, economical, and effective solutions.

What types of no-dig pipe repairs are there?

Depending on the characteristics of each job, it might be better to use pipe rehabilitation via packers or, alternatively, continuous sleeves.

No-Dig SolutionAdvantagesApplications
PackersAllows specific sections of the pipe to be repaired.Open pipe joints, fissures, cracks, and breaks.
Continuous SleeveAllows for the repair of long stretches of pipe.Sewer systems and wastewater, industrial infrastructures, and deep sewer repairs.

Pipe Repair with the Packer System

No-dig pipe rehabilitation can be approached using packers. First, we locate the exact point where the pipe is faulty, and then a piece of fiberglass already impregnated with Epoxy resin is placed in an inflatable device adapted to the pipe’s diameter (packer).

It is then inflated until it fills the pipe to be repaired, allowing the material used for the rehabilitation to adhere to the damaged surface.

The system of fiberglass packers and resins is advisable in cases where it is not necessary to rehabilitate the entire pipe but just a section.

Generally, no-dig pipe repair with a packer is suitable for open pipe joints, fissures, cracks, breaks, or any other type of problem that has not yet obstructed or collapsed the network.

Continuous Sleeve Pipe Rehabilitation

The continuous sleeve with LED light service is a no-dig pipe rehabilitation system, i.e., it avoids the need to open trenches and vertical walls, as well as their subsequent closure and remodeling.

These systems rely on the internal lining of the pipe by introducing a sleeve impregnated with resin, which, once placed, is cured by the action of ultraviolet light, representing an innovative method in the sector.

This service has many advantages. It’s quick, versatile in application, based on compact portable equipment easy to transport, and it’s also a sustainable solution at the environmental level.

Its application is advisable in sewer and wastewater systems for urgent repairs; in industrial infrastructures that require quick solutions; in deep sewer repair works; etc.

Use of a Milling Robot in Pipe Repair Both the packer system repair and the continuous sleeve alternative share a common element that can be leveraged, depending on the characteristics of each job: the milling robot.

This technological solution has been designed to tackle the most complex problems regarding pipe and sewer maintenance, offering an efficient service without the need for excavations.

The milling robot is a mechanical device that we can control remotely. It is equipped with cutting tools and high-resolution cameras, which help us eliminate obstructions and residues that have adhered to the inner walls of the pipes.

Thanks to its maneuverability, the use of high-definition cameras, and powerful cutting tools, the milling robot can navigate through complex and hard-to-access pipe systems.

It is a high-precision solution for problems that may involve invasive roots, accumulations of fat, or other solid deposits.

Which no-dig repair system is best for you?

At Pepe Núñez, we always first conduct a personalized study of the problem present in the pipes we are working on. Depending on the ground conditions and, above all, the repair or rehabilitation required in each case, we will recommend the solution that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s with the packer system, continuous sleeve, and/or with the support of the milling robot, among other possibilities, we guarantee that we will apply the best service to rehabilitate the correct functioning of the affected pipe network.

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