Industrial cleaning: What it is, products, techniques, requirements

The range of services currently offered by the companies of setbacks is very broad, since they intend to adapt to each situation and need. One of them, industrial cleaning, involves a long series of requirements that the vast majority of people are unaware of. Today we are going to talk about industrial cleaning.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

We define industrial cleaning as a set of techniques and actions that aim to control the environmental conditions that influence industrial production and health in the workplace.

Currently, industrial cleaning is perhaps the most complex cleaning service and needs a protocol of previous action that changes according to the space to be treated.

However, it provides companies with added value because customers are more aware of cleanliness throughout the production process.

The industries get the machines to last longer thanks to their care and, also, employees value positively working in a healthy environment. As a result, the public image of the company improves because it meets all the hygienic requirements.

If we talk about the cleaning protocols of industries.

What characteristics should the cleaning products fulfill?

They must have 3 fundamental characteristics:

✔️ Be compatibles

Depending on each surface, there is a specific product compatible with the material of the industrial installation.

✔️ Be disinfectants

They must be effective against a large number of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and fungi.

✔️ Be safe

It is essential that the product is safe, both for the operator and for the environment.

What are the requirements of the industrial cleaning process?

It is necessary that a team of qualified professionals handle the expensive machinery and potentially hazardous chemicals that industrial cleaning involves.

They have to know everything about what products to use for each machinery and material. Products that are very abrasive will only be used when the dirt is very difficult to clean, as they wear out the parts of the machines.

The workers have to fulfill their tasks respecting the safety rules when performing the cleaning tasks and with the homologated clothing provided by the company.

Industrial Cleaning Techniques

Due to the wide variety of machinery used and depending on the type of industry, there are obviously several techniques to deal with cleaning. The most used are:

✔️ Ultrasonic cleaning

Perfect for delicate objects made of plastic, rubber, stainless steel and wood. Always needs a specific cleaning solution for its performance. It is used mostly in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

✔️ Cleaning with water under pressure

Hot water effortlessly removes melted grease, resin and oil. Not only does it reduce the amount of detergent used, but it also saves time by up to 40%.

✔️ Cleaning with steam

It is valid for surfaces with embedded stains, except those that are sensitive to heat. The use of water makes it the most ecological and hygienic technique.

In short, the industrial cleaning we do in Torrox, Cala del Moral, Torre del Mar, Estepona or Nerja by Pepe Nuñez is the one that provides the most professionalism and quality for all the actors involved in the process.

We hope to have clarified some doubts about industrial cleaning after having read this article.

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