How to detect plastic water pipes

In Pepe Núñez we are specialized in the detection and localization of all types of pipes to repair any fault located in them. We have a large fleet of trucks and a team specialized in detecting water pipes to solve bottleneck problems in plastic and metal water pipes quickly and accurately.

At Pepe Núñez we use pipeline tracers to locate pipes. The tracing system creates an electromagnetic field around the element and through sensors detects the exact point where the pipe is located. We use pipeline tracers to locate metal and plastic pipes. They are a very versatile and effective tool to detect the layout of pipes and the depth to which they are located. These pipeline tracers incorporate a tv inspection camera to obtain images that allow to see exactly the point of the pipe where the water leak is located.

Tools to detect plastic pipes

Many new houses now have PVC drinking water distribution pipes instead of metal pipes, as they can not be corroded by rust. They are more difficult to locate, so you will need the help of an expert to locate them. To detect plastic water pipes in a simple way, without carrying out works, we recommend the following tools:

Water pipe detectors


Locator of polyethylene pipes

With this instrument you can locate plastic pipes with hydraulic network pressure in a precise and fast way. This detector does not create blows of air and thanks to that it does not damage the pipes.

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Instantly locate rebar bars, metal pipes, plastic …

With this detector you can instantly locate water pipes made of plastic very easily. It has an integrated screen that facilitates the work of locating the detected pipeline. In addition, it indicates the approximate depth at which the pipe is located. This tool detects plastic pipes in depths of up to 150 mm. With this detector you can detect underground heating pipes and locate radiant floors.

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With this instrument you can detect PVC pipes thanks to the fact that it has four types of sensors that increase the security in the detection of different materials at a depth of up to 15 cm. It has a large easy-to-read screen, an intuitive interface and a self-explanatory detection mode. Indicates the exact location of the pipe and the exact depth to which it is located.

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PWG 2000:

Detector of PVC, PE, AC pipes, cast iron, steel …

With this impulse wave generator you can locate plastic pipes. This system of location of non-metallic conduits is formed by an electronic pulse generator and an electro-acoustic device for locating the water intake, facilitating the location of water pipes up to a depth of 2 m. If the soil conditions are good, it can reach distances of up to 600 m. This generator is connected to a water pipe and perceptible acoustic waves on the surface are produced by the flow and pressure of the water.

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RSP 3:

Pipe detector RSP 3

This pulse generator causes oscillations in the plastic pipe which allows to know where the water pipeline is located. The transmission of the acoustic impulses and the maximum distance depends on the material, the diameter of the pipe and the consistency of the earth. To protect the pipeline you can use an attenuation sheet.

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With any of these 5 pipeline tracers you can detect plastic pipes, pvc, steel, etc.

At Limpezas Pepe Núñez we have the best plastic water pipe detection equipment. With our detection systems we can locate the water pipes accurately and without the need for openings. This allows us to speed up the work of repairing water leaks in plastic pipes.

If you are looking for a company specialized in detecting water pipes made of plastic, please contact us. Our team of professionals will solve any jam or water leak quickly and efficiently. Call us or fill out the contact form that appears on our website.

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