How to clean under pressure

Camión cisterna Pepe Núñez

When it comes to unblocking pipes, there are various methods. At Pepe Núñez, we meticulously analyze the situation to determine the best course of action.

Our plumbers are prepared to customize the work so that each client’s needs are met. However, in most cases, high-pressure water is the only existing method for unblocking pipes.

What does cleaning with high-pressure water involve?

It is a well-known technique in the unblocking sector, as it dissolves crusts of dirt and residues that otherwise could not be removed.

Another advantage is that it does not cause deterioration or breakage in the sanitation networks.

We guarantee that the pipes are in perfect condition after the passage of high-pressure water, as well as drains, outlets, and other components of the networks.

We are a company with a long history and proven experience, specializing in cleaning pipes and drains.

We have a team in continuous development and training, constantly updating the latest technologies and regulations in the sector.

Since our inception, we have sought customer satisfaction, providing simple and quick solutions, saving them significant amounts of money, working with methods that do not require excessive spare materials or bothersome masonry works.

This is how we have become a reference cleaning company, known for our services and quality of care.

Our longevity in the market and participation in various projects are derived from our experience and initiative. We guarantee the best service and result, provided by highly qualified personnel for all types of work in the sector.

If pipes are not cleaned periodically and correctly, apart from bad odors, the accumulation of detergents and fats adhere to the walls, solidifying over time, reducing their diameter, and more easily causing blockages and problems.

We have machinery for high-pressure water cleaning, capable of cleaning pipes between 40 and 150mm.

In this way, we can detect leaks thanks to high-resolution cameras that allow us to take videos and photographs.

As you can see, we have the latest technology in the sector to solve your problem in the shortest possible time, with the highest guarantee for you in price and quality.

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