Regulations, legal framework and possible fines for a septic tank

Multa fosa séptica

In areas where there are no sewage and drainage networks typical of urban land, it is very common to find septic tanks, which play a fundamental role in the proper management of waste in these areas.

But what is the most important thing to know in order to avoid a septic tank fine?

What is a Septic Tank and What is it Used For?

Septic tanks are containers designed in various capacities, shapes, and materials, where water from domestic waste is accumulated.

These tanks have replaced old wastewater storage systems that posed health risks and offered no hygiene, such as the well-known latrines.

Septic tanks are usually located in holes dug outside the house or building that requires drainage. Inside these containers, the separation and degradation of organic matter from the rest of the water occur, attempting to mimic the process carried out in treatment plants.

It is also necessary to know how to carry out their proper maintenance to avoid a possible fine for a septic tank.

Fine for Septic Tank: All the Information

Once the operation is understood, the other fundamental area to know is their maintenance needs, which are associated with sanctions and a possible fine for septic tanks that do not comply with the legality established for them.

This factor has to do with the risk posed to people and the environment by releasing polluting discharges, which entails sanctions included in the Water Law, set out in Royal Decree 1/2001.

As this regulation explains, currently, fines for illegal dumping of polluting substances can reach up to one million euros depending on their characteristics.

Sanction: The monetary fine for an illegal septic tank amounts to 7,000 euros.

Regarding non-punishable obligations, it is necessary to avoid discharging the wastewater from the septic tank of the house, and it must be purified and regulated correctly.

This is in addition to the repair costs of damages caused by the discharge until returning the environment and hydraulic domain to its previous situation.

Actions that can be sanctioned regarding a septic tank are:

  • Unauthorized construction, as there are a series of steps to follow for the installation of septic tanks.
  • Illegal dumping of wastewater.
  • Contamination of the public hydraulic domain.
  • Non-compliance with any of the other obligations outlined in the Water Law.

Cleaning and Emptying to Avoid a Fine for Septic Tank

In addition to the economic damages of a sanction, the discharge of waste from a septic tank can cause significant health damage, being a clear vector of infections.

For this and other reasons, the aforementioned legislation that controls these matters contemplates very high fines and specifies in detail how the emptying and cleaning of a septic tank should be carried out.

Therefore, to avoid a fine for a septic tank, this process must be carried out by a company specialized in cleaning and emptying septic tanks, which have the necessary suction machinery, adapted trucks, and coordination with waste management plants for proper maintenance of each septic tank.

In addition, this emptying is not an action that is constantly carried out, but it must maintain a regulated periodicity that ensures the best state and functioning of the tank. The frequency will vary depending on the capacity and use of the tank, as well as the price of emptying, which we will discuss next.

Price of Emptying a Septic Tank

The price of emptying a septic tank varies according to the cubic meters of capacity of the same. Additionally, this variability can be quite pronounced, as the sizes of septic tanks can double or triple each other.

On average, we can say that an emptying can cost from about 150-200€ for the smallest tanks to over 1000€. However, it is best in this case to contact directly with the professionals in charge of emptying septic tanks to obtain a specific price based on the characteristics of our tank.

In any case, we hope that this article has provided the information you wanted to know about septic tanks, and remember to call the professionals in their cleaning and emptying before the level of the tank exceeds that of the house’s collector to avoid a spill and prevent any infraction that may result in a fine for a septic tank.

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