Collaborating in a network for authorised services for buses

High-quality original spare parts:

Access our catalog with exclusive discounts on spare parts.

Access to

Enjoy full access to our exclusive maintenance management platform, where you will find all the information about our products that can help you improve your work.

Technical support:

Our team will be available to assist you in resolving any technical issues related to our equipment.

Warranties and Documentation:

We streamline the warranty management process, providing manuals and technical information at your fingertips, from anywhere and any device.

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Increase your income:

Attract new clients to your Dealer / Service Center, as our air conditioning systems are installed in multiple manufacturers.

No exclusivity contracts:

You can continue working with all the brands you desire, without restrictions.

No additional fees:

There are no monthly subscriptions or repair commissions.

Offer your customers repair, maintenance and service for their buses

Enjoy the benefits of being part of our first-rate Dealership/Service Centers network. For more information contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions:

No documentation is required to be part of the network. Our network is comprised of Dealers/Service Centers with high standards of professionalism, experience in automotive repairs, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

You will enjoy multiple benefits. You will be able to attract new clients thanks to the reputation of our air conditioning equipment, work with all brands without restrictions, access high-quality original spare parts with exclusive discounts, and receive professional technical support. Additionally, our maintenance management platform and online documentation will provide you with tools to optimize your daily work.

We do not apply monthly fees or repair commissions. Our focus is to provide you with real benefits without any additional charges. Access to the Sanz Clima Dealer / Service Center network is an opportunity without hidden costs.

Our highly skilled technical team is available to provide you with technical support at any time. Whether you need assistance in resolving specific issues with the air conditioning equipment or general support in your repairs, we will be here to assist you and ensure the success of your business. If you have further questions or would like more information about our Sanz Clima Dealer / Service Center network, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

At SANZ Clima, the affiliation of Dealer / Service Center to our network allows us to provide exceptional quality service to our customers. With an extensive network of globally certified Dealer / Service Center, we can guarantee that our customers will receive high-level service no matter where they are located. Dealer / Service Center affiliation enables us to expand our presence and provide broader coverage, giving our customers the confidence of reliable technical support and air conditioning services, regardless of their location. 

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